This bouldering area lies on the southern slopes of Pohorje at an altitude of 600 to 900 m. It is just above Cezlak, approximately 4 km away from the town called Oplotnica. With its 370 lines, this is one of the largest bouldering areas in Slovenia and is appropriate for both beginner and experienced climbers. The volcanic origin of the rock is what gave the boulders in Oplotnica their unique shape, special rock structure and holds. Here, boulders provide climbers with truly diverse climbing opportunities – there are all kinds of bouldering styles available (overhangs, slabs, cracks, high balls etc.). In the year 2007, Miha Dvoršek and Rok Pevec discovered the very first boulders in Oplotnica and soon, the first sector was developed. Miha then started exploring the area systematically, which allowed for most of the sectors to be discovered in 2008 and 2009.
With the local land owners’ permission, the 2nd and 3rd sector started developing. Miha had help from some of the climbers from Slovenske Konjice and Erih Obrez from Celje. In 2011, four sectors were already developed and 250 lines up to 7c were climbed (mostly by Miha Dvoršek and Erih Obrez). Later on, the lines were climbed also by Rok Klančnik, David Stepanian and Jernej Kruder. Boštjan Potočnik then developed most of the 5th sector in 2014. But most of the merit for the final area development goes to Rok Klančnik, who climbed most of the lines from 7c to 8b+.

Most of the land is private, so be extra careful and respectful.
Rock type
Pohorje’s granite / tonalite. Fine, finger-friendly rock.. Mostly round holds (slopers).
Best time
All year round. Best in late autumn and early spring.
Thanks to
Special thanks to land owners Rado Smogavec and Slavko Rupnik, who allowed climbing on their land. Climbers from Slovenska Bistrica and Slovenske Konjice helped in area development – thank you all for your help! Special thanks to Janez Kušar, Vlado Petrič and Janez Kotar.





3 > 5C+


6A > 6C+


7A > 7C+


8A > 8C+


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