Behaving in nature / respecting landowners

Bouldering is a sport that takes place in nature. Bouldering areas are often on private land, where climbers need to be even more careful and respectful. When you are done climbing for the day, make sure that you leave the surroundings as they were when you came there. Take all rubbish, cigarette butts, plastic bottles etc. with you! In nature, we are not alone. There is wildlife, which we have to be respectful of as much as of local people and their property. Also take care where and how you park your vehicle. Do not obstruct traffic and disturb local life.

Please, obey the following rules:
– never leave rubbish (plastic bottles, paper, cigarette butts etc.) in nature,
– camping is not allowed,
– open fire is strictly forbidden,
– always find a secluded, appropriate place for your toilet needs,
– do not shout or scream as this may disturb the locals, other climbers and animals,
– be friendly to the locals and property owners,
– always park your vehicle economically – do not take more space that needed,
– after climbing make sure to wipe the (redundant) chalk markers off the rock,
– make sure not to damage the rock – clean the holds gently and do not overbrush.

Discovering new boulders/lines
Climbing new boulders is more than welcome. Please, let us know about all new ascents at
If you believe that a certain grade is inappropriate, we kindly also ask you to contact us via email and tell us what you think.


For all you bouldering enthusiasts, who want to overnight near areas Oplotnica and Jurgovo, we arranged a deal with Rogla Apartments. You can find everything you need on their website: Rogla Apartments .

We are still in a process of talking about prices, so be patient and come back for updates.

For more information, please contact the apartments owner:

Damjan Pintar
T: +386 41 676 400

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